Cotton & Silk Blend Sleep Mask
Cotton & Silk Blend Sleep Mask

Judi Rosen

Cotton & Silk Blend Sleep Mask

I live in Brooklyn where the lights never go out. Actually getting sleep can be a challenge so I have made my bedroom as cozy as possible. Linen sheets, a white noise machine and eyemasks. I made this one out of cotton/ silk fabric thats incredibly soft to the touch. The fabric is hand dipped marble by Christin Ripley, lined with wool felt and sprinkled with lavender, which I think is super calming. 
  • Lightweight, cotton & silk blend fabric
  • wool felt lining
  • dried lavender
  • Individually hand-sewn by ME! Judi Rosen
  • Each mask is one of a kind, no two are the same.
  • Assorted Hand Marbled Fabrics
  • One size fits most adult faces