100% cotton fleece SWEATSHIRT #doowopforever!
100% cotton fleece SWEATSHIRT #doowopforever!
100% cotton fleece SWEATSHIRT #doowopforever!

100% cotton fleece SWEATSHIRT #doowopforever!

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Fit Finder

A selection of styles to solve all your denim shopping problems.

"I have a big butt and a small waist. Jeans always gap in the back waistband."

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"I have a hard time pulling jeans up over my hips"

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"Jeans flatten my butt"

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A flat WHAT? We don't do that here.

"Not to brag, but -
Camel Toe. "

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"I don’t want something too tight on my hips and waist but still want jeans. "

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"I'm really short and curvy "

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Big Butt + Small/Short Waist

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Thick Thighs

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Narrow Hips + Long Waist

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Curvy + Long Waist

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Thick middle + Small Butt

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How To Get The Perfect Fit

Your new Judi Rosen New York Jeans should be quite snug when you first put them on. I use denim with a high cotton content so your jeans will relax ever so slightly after wearing them for a few minutes. The great thing is, that they don’t keep stretching.

In the shop, I‘ve discovered a great way to weasel them on for the iconic Super Snug Fit.

1. Put the jeans on and hike them up on your butt as high as they can possibly go.
2. Then pull them up higher. We’re looking for a severe wedge situation.
3. Then button them.
4. Then hike them up yet again.

They will relax down onto your body for a perfect fit. 

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This sweatshirt is a dream time creation. 

I based the fit on a vintage sweatshirt from the 50's,
with super thick 100% cotton fleece and long rib at the cuff and waist.

The print is hand screened here in Brooklyn and I was inspired by my love of doo-wop and weird 50's images.


available in size 1-4 : size 1 fits a womans small and size 4 fit a mens SMALL.