The Coolest New York City Sweatshirt

The Coolest New York City Sweatshirt

christian joy

Size L

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  • Printed on 8oz. 60/40 preshrunk cotton/ poly
  • Water based inks.
  • Wash and dry as usual.
  • No need to turn it inside out!

A sweatshirt dedicated to my favorite place in the world made by my favorite costume designer Christian Joy!

Christian Joy is an American fashion designer and artist best known for her stage costume designs for Yeah Yeah Yeahs lead singer, Karen O. Using found articles and occasionally eschewing thread and print for glue and marker pens, she has influenced contemporary fashion with punk and DIY stylings.

Printed in NYC. They original artwork of handmade letters are cut using a craft knife and paper and so they’re always just slightly off, but that’s what keeps the design unique. Joy in imperfection! It’s like wearing a piece of the city, never perfect but always dynamic!