Ceramic Bowls and Stands • Stevie Remsberg

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The Stevie Remsberg stoneware ceramic bowls are exclusively available at Judi Rosen New York. 

The terra cotta stoneware has bits of pre-fired clay that enhance the beautiful red of the clay. 

The bowls and stands can be combined to create more dynamic pieces or used as display for pieces you may already own.

  • Each is One of a kind
  • Hand-thrown 
  • Hand Painted
  • Made in NYC
Medium bowl, terra cotta white polka dots: 8.5" high
Small terra cotta, egg shell polka dot: 5" high
Small egg shell bowl, black polka dot: 5" high
Stand: charcoal grey polka dot: 4.5"high X bottom width 5" 
Stand: salmon polka dot: 2"high Xbottom width 5"