FIORUCCI THE BOOK (1980) • Eve Babitz

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Material First Edition: Spiral Bound
  • Published by Harlin Quist New York
  • Publication date: 1980
  • first ed.
  • Both copies are first edition: one book is spiral-bound and the other is 'perfect bound' paperback. 
  • 130 pages 
  • ISBN-10: 0-8252-2608-2
This book is a celebration of the Fiorucci fashion and lifestyle. It's full of glossy photos as well as anecdotes about the iconic 59th st Fiorucci store that operated from 1976-1984. A true pop phenomenon and one of my personal life-long obsessions. 

I would save every dime just to buy a pencil at Fiorucci when I was a kid. The energy and style was sucked up by my sponge brain and I still one of my biggest influences to this day. This book is the 80's design bible.