Hand Knit Cashgora Beanies • Naturals

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Style Loopy
  • hand-dyed Cashgora
  • hand-knit by Casey from Port Fiber in Maine
  • One size fits all

These pieces are are handspun, hand-dyed, & hand knit by a cooperative of women in a very remote part of the world, surrounded by the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan.  These women live in small villages where they raise livestock and food both for their families and to sell.  They take a lot of pride in their spinning and knitting and hopefully you can feel that when wearing their work. The yarn is Cashgora is 100% goat fiber.  The animal is a crossbreed of cashmere producing goats that were brought into Tajikistan from Russia in the 80s. The feel is like a cross of angora & mohair.  For many of these women, this is their first time earning money for their work.