Kake 22 Highway Patrol • Tom of Finland

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  • Kake 22 Highway Patrol
  • publish date: Dec. 1980
  • Tom of Finland. Denmark
  • Great condition, with slight fading on the spine, ripples on cover

An ongoing Kake comic was originally commissioned by the Danish pornography publishing house DFT in the late 1960s. It was Laaksonen's first comic to be sold as discrete comic books, his previous comics in the magazine Physique Pictorial having been published as partial excerpts with the full work sold separately by mail order as a set of five to fifteen printed panels. The publication of Kake transferred to Revolt Press in 1971, and to the Tom of Finland Company in 1982. Laaksonen's illustrations of leathermen, as exemplified by Kake, significantly influenced the aesthetics of the gay leather subculture. Kake is among Laaksonen's most popular creations, having been alternately described as his "most iconic character" and as "the gay world's most familiar pin-up icon".

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, A model named Eero regularly visited Laaksonen in Helsinki to pose as reference for the character. The name "Kake" is a Finnish nickname that has the macho connotations of the English nickname "Butch"; it was also the name of one of Laaksonen's friends.

Kake Highway Patrol (22nd Edition)by Tom Of FinlandPaperback, 31 Pages, Published 1972. Tom of Finland Highway Patrol, Kake 22 Another of the great Kake Tome of Finland Series filled with 31 pages of his VERY erotic and Sadomasochist black and with drawings! publisher: Tom of Finland 1980 EAN (ISBN-13): 9781879055599 ISBN (ISBN-10): 1879055597 Softcover Magazine english 31 pages 137 g 21,1 x 0,2 x 27,1 cm in very good condition