Overall Jumper * Seafoam

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Judi Rosen New York • Overall Jumper

I had one of these last summer and wore it everyday until there were 2 tangerine size holes in each butt cheek.  I decided to remake it for 2018 in a sturdier linen/cotton denim and I think it actually improved the design.

They make me think of the Bay City Rollers, & Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls and have a flirty zipper in the back

 Whether you're 6 ft tall or 5ft tall, have thick thighs and a juicy butt or convinced your butt is too small, these hi waisted Judi Jeans will fit. 

Not only do they fit, they look incredible, and in turn you will feel incredible and confident. 

For all us runts out there...go to your local tailor and get these things hemmed! 
Take care of your jeans!
They are not only a gift to you but anyone who's lucky enough to know you!! 

  • 100% Cotton Denim
  • high waist
  • Straight Leg Overall 
  • matching topstitching
  • red YKK zipper because we love Elvis
  • pre-shrunk

please reference size chart