The Every-Season Parka • Forget-Me-Not

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  • 100% Cotton
  • completely adjustable: pull string at waist, hem and hood
  • Oversized hood (great for hiding)
  • Unisex and one size fits all
  • Measures pit to pit: 32" shoulder to hem: 37"
  • Vintage-inspired and extremely limited edition

  • This Parka is an extremely versatile piece that will carry you through every season. I have a collection of vintage versions of this jacket and I wear them all the time: I was inspired by the functionality and unisex fit. I love how customizable it is - you can adjust the fit by cinching the bottom hem, waist, and the hood/collar to fit your body and your outfit. It's the best for traveling- I can use the hood as my own personal 'MINT' capsule. 
    Instant cool.