Photerian Oil Perfum

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Hand Mixed Oil Perfum
  • made of natural oils
  • metal roll on ball in a cobalt glass
  • easy to throw in your bag and go!
i wear this everyday and absolutely love. i huff my wrists every so often because i just love the smell.

Who is this for? For those women/men/people/all breeds of bears/dogs/cats displaced forest spirits of the world, for Tree Huggers without a tree, for those who like a long walks in the damp woods on a hot or cold day, for those who just like the smell of trees and of course for the Kinushi of Spirited Away here is a scent to take you back to that place of peace and harmony: Not for insects this is an added bonus bugs do not like the scents secreted from tree's...go figure!

Contains the BLOOD of a CEDAR tree, the tear of of Agarwood the Absolute. Opoponax-ly a few drops of the deep dark secrets of Cepes and Oakmoss the underlords of the forest floors. Resinous sweet Panda burps smell of Eucalyptus and Vetiver Fir-sure.

Honeysuckled Oil:
If I was a bumblebee and could have any flower where would I go… I would just hang out in my Blue Lotus crib in the Honey Suckle patch and suckle my day away…This flower is practically a perfume in itself but to give it some edge and a little lasting power Patchouli, Amber and Sandalwood come up to play from the dark earth on a Lime spritz. Light and heady with a frontal lobe floral opening and a edgy twist to express that dark part of us. This one goes out to Prince all purple and velvet in the rain.
made in NYC