Shapes and Solids Eu De Perfum • JC

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Hand Mixed Oil eu de Perfum
  • made of natural oils
  • 15ml metal roll on ball oil 
  • 30ml spray Eu De parfum

Eau de Parfum 
15 ml/30 ml

 A blend of essential oils and absolutes in jojoba oil (15 ml) or grain alcohol (30 ml)

As a kid I would go to the natural food store with my grandma and sniff the oils, being particularly moved by the jasmine.  Around the same age I would sniff the shavings from the pencil sharpener in my second grad classroom. J.C. was made for self-love and care.  A blend of jasmines, Virginia cedar, clary sage, and vetiver with notes of spice, resin, wood, and grass. Soft and sharp, deep and rooted, the vetiver will ground, heal and focus you while the jasmines sensualize and sexualize. 
Made in Brooklyn, NY