Take Your Heels Off

Take Your Heels Off

Judi Rosen

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By Yumiko Sakuma

  • Signed, First edition 2017 
  • Japanese

 "Don't worry. Be happy!" is the title of one of Kaori Ekuni's novels. But living freely without being bound by anything is actually very difficult. Yumiko Sakuma, author of "Take off your heels", is a beautiful lady who has been accustomed to the lifestyle in Brooklyn, New York, after living there for 20 years.

After she graduated from a university in Japan, she could not imagine herself wearing a suit and going to work, so she went overseas without hesitation. She did not have any connections, but her tomboy (mannish) intuition that she fit in perfectly at east coast of America has proved to be true. After getting a master's degree, she successively worked in a local news agency, a publishing house and a multinational news office. But she wanted to work more freely, so in the end she decided to be a freelancer.

It can be hard for a freelance journalist, but Sakuma whote a book during her visit across America about new food and culture movement "Hip Revolution" and made a translation of "The Terrorist's son" book which earned her great fame. You can find her name in every N.Y. issue of "POPEYE" and "BRUTUS" magazines. I think she is a successful woman who can bind the occupation and her favorite field together as she grows older 

In this book she talks about the first half of her life and about the girlfriends she made in New York. Her friends who experienced successive painful farewells made a "Farewell Manual" to help Sakuma to get back on her feet. Together with other friends she watched the elder in flashy bikinis enjoying their life on the beach of Brighton. In addition, one of bad girls has become a mother.

Ladies are all charming in this book and their words influenced Sakuma's lifestyle. Her mother-in-law Anna Maria leaves the deepest impression on me. One of the reasons is her words to Sakuma under her extreme condition "Promise me not to miss out on any fun". This sentence will imprint on each reader's heart. It is also a cheering song for all females (and some male readers like me) in the world.

Just like any other way of living, living "a free and happy life" is hard, but maybe it is better than living with regrets. By the way, although the title of this book is "Take off your heels", the woman in the illustration on the cover wears high heels. This open‐mindedness and contradiction are precisely the charming points of Sakuma.