Name Plate Keychain • Bart prank phone calls

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Style Homer Sexual
  • hand-engraved acrylic
  • measures 1" x 3"
  • handmade in NYC

Tag yourself. 

Show the world your true inner self with these engraved name plate keychains, handmade by multimedia artist OKS.

 OKS (Oksana Todorova) is a New York-based multimedia artist. In 1993, OKS moved to Manhattan from the USSR, now Ukraine, and has been a New Yorker ever since. For over twenty years, from 1997 to 2021, OKS worked closely with American Contemporary Artist Tom Sachs. She specializes in pyrography, painting, illustration, and ceramics. Her extensive, ever-so-growing skillset manifests itself through a variety of mediums and scales, from her penny-sized porcelain miniatures to larger-than-life sculptures. Her creative practice is a play on themes of power, consumerism, music, sex, human relations, and female roles in modern society. She invites the daring and curious to experience how she filters the world with acerbic wit and deviance with a touch of class.