Did you know that @judirosennewyork is ethically sourced, made in the USA, and is a one woman show?

Judi Rosen New York specializes in  premium denim for women. The collection is limited edition, utilizing US, Japanese and  Italian denim designed in New York and manufactured in New York & Los Angeles,  The production footprint is as small as possible with almost no use of plastic whatsoever ever, little waste and little travel.

Judi Rosen is a renowned denim designer who founded her brand and store in 1992. Her current store has been a fixture in Nolita since 2019. Her designs have been worn by everyone from Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige to the everyday people who have supported her dreams since day one. 

The premium denim fabrics are chosen for their excellent recovery. so whether you buy your jeans with a bit of stretch or none at all, every pair will form to your body.

Judi Jeans are designed to be coveted and hoarded. Known for the impeccable tailoring and unbelievably flattering fit, there are urban legends of catfights erupting in shops once the prospect of the "last pair" is suddenly realized. Conversely, friendships have been made by a simple acknowledgement that you're both "in the know" by wearing Judi's.

"I put New York on each label for a reason: Judi Rosen New York is built on my fascination and love for the style and movement of the city. I'm obsessive when it comes to fit and thoughtful design. I want to make a garment that is not particularly trendy and built to last while it massages your ego because you look so damn good."