About Us

Judi Rosen New York denim is to be coveted and hoarded. There are urban legends of women starting catfights in shops once the prospect of the "last pair" is suddenly realized. Friendships have been made simply by the acknowledgement that you're "in the know" by wearing Judi's jeans. Fans appreciate the impeccable tailoring, unbelievably flattering fit, and Judi’s cheeky play on overt sexuality.

Her premium denim has New York on the label for a reason. Judi built her brand on her fascination and love for the style and movement of the city. Her fabrics are completely domestic, and the sewing is done right here in New York City’s legendary garment district. The skill and deep knowledge of high-end construction in New York is unparalleled.

In addition to designing for her Judi Rosen New York label, Judi has shown her artwork in New York galleries. Her art is directly influenced by her love of tailoring and fabrics, graphic design, and the emotionally unhinged direction of abstract expressionism. 

Glowing testimonials from prominent industry insiders:

Iconic New Yorker, “Sex and the City” costume designer and longtime fan, Patricia Field said: “Judi Rosen is an innovative yet marketable designer.” She continued, “Judi’s combo is original and commercial. What more could anyone ask for?”

Cindy Greene, co-founder of art-house rebel-prep label Libertine, lives for Judi Rosen’s trademark jeans: “Judi’s jeans are interesting. They’re high-waisted, which is brilliant…And they’re totally sexy. They make your ass look amazing, no matter the size.” Nylon’s Alexandra Gershman seconds that sentiment; “You’d have to be a pancake not to have a nice butt in these jeans!”