The Chicago Imagist Print

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  • by:  The David and Alfred Smart Gallery & The University of Chicago
  • published in 1987
  • softcover

The complete catalogue of the Hairy Who and the Chicago Imagists. The Chicago Imagist Bible if you will...Here, find every artwork of this historic period wrapped up all into one.

Made up of six School of the Art Institute of Chicago graduates in the mid 60’s, The Hairy Who developed a vibrant and vulgar approach to art making.  They included artist like Gladys Nilsson, Jim Nutt, Suellen Rocca, & Karl Wirsum

“They each radically manipulated source material collected from everyday life—including advertisements, comics, posters, and sales catalogs—with technical virtuosity. Their sense of humor embraced idiosyncrasy and spontaneity with wordplay, puns, and inside jokes that often belied the transgressiveness of their subject matter. Ambiguous, provocative, but also strategic, their work transmitted progressive ideas that challenged prevailing notions of gender and sexuality, social mores and standards of beauty, and nostalgia and obsolescence.”

  • The Art Institute of Chicago