Wet Magazine: Gourmet Bathing and Beyond • Issue 30

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  • Wet Magazine Issue 30
  • March/April 1981
  • 8.5 x 11 60 pages

The ICONIC, the one and only gourmet bathing magazine out there, WET MAG.

Sprouting from creator Leonard Korean’s “bath art” era (where he encouraged Artists to get naked for him in various…..wet places), Wet mag started from the depths of Leonard Korean’s bath tub in 1976. 

Wet magazine influenced and defined the Los Angeles New Wave aesthetic of the 70’s and 80’s. 

Known for its prescient mixture of H2O culture, mild nudity, fashion, and great ads for so many trendsetting, short-lived L.A. boutiques, Wet Mag is has become a real time stamp of an era. 

It's contents spanned an offbeat mix of art, music, and fashion (everything from necrophiliac performance art to the work of Ed Ruscha)

Hop into the time machine and get a look into this extraordinary piece of preserved history. Inspo up the WHAAAZOO