Deep Sea Love Pendant • Cortez pearl, Topaz & Sapphire

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  • 14kt gold pendant + jump rings
  • set cortex pearl, topaz & sapphire 
  • measures 1" wide
  • hand-crafted and one of a kind

The colors in this pendant are so dreamy. The topaz + sapphire are beautifully complimented by the Cortez pearl, which is a rare cultured saltwater pearl that comes from Mexico's Sea of Cortez.

All of Gabrielle Valenti’s pieces are handmade in her upstate NY studio, using ethically-sourced materials. She is certified in crystal healing and combines this knowledge of the energetic properties as well as the geological origins of gemstones to create unique stone combinations with love and intention. This piece is one of a kind and exclusive to Judi Rosen New York.