The higher the waist, the closer to God. Discover The Rib Hugger: the stovepipe jeans dreams were made of

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Our highest rise, made with a Japanese herringbone weave denim that finds your curves and hugs them like leather. Don’t forget the Unisex T in Recycled Cotton.

Judi Rosen Rib Hugger Jeans in Marigold
 wears the Rib Hugger in Marigold

@catsandjazz wears the Rib Hugger Jeans in Japanese indigo


Judi Rosen Rib Hugger Jeans

That's ME! @judirosenny wearing Rib Huggers in Japanese Indigo


Judi Rosen Rib Huggers in Natural Denim

@lesleyarfin wears Rib Hugger Jeans in Undyed Natural Denim



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