Got curves? Judi Jeans are here to change the way you think about denim.

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Here's the thing. These jeans are made with the intent of an actual human going inside them, so they are constructed with three dimensions in mind for a timeless, fem-forward fit. Whether you have a 34-inch waist or a 25-inch waist you might have curves. And if you do, these jeans are for you. 

high waisted judi jeans in 100% Cotton bubblegum pink gingham 

@bangbangbridgette wears Judi Jeans in 100% cotton Bubblegum Gingham


These jeans were designed for those of us with a smaller waist compared to our butts and hips. I bought the rise up a little higher, the waist is nipped in, and there's some extra room in the thighs. The other part of the equation is the fabric. I use sustainably-sourced 100% cotton denim with a special weave the learns your body while retaining its form. The design and fabric work together to achieve a curve-hugging, straight leg work of art with your newly uplifted butt as the centerpiece.  

But you gotta work for it: 

"Rosen’s jeans are meant to fit snugly, or, as she put it,“like a sausage.” Each pair comes with a tiny fabric flap printed with detailed instructions for getting them on: first, yank the pants over the derriere, then fasten the button, then hike them up another two inches, then zip. While I was in the dressing room grunting my way through these four steps, Rosen called out to ask if I was sweating yet. I told her I was considering lying down on the ground to get the zipper up; Rosen told me I would be far from the first customer to do so.
Some people might be annoyed by all this shimmying and wrenching, but I am no stranger to the effortful task of putting on high-waisted pants. In fact, I have come to love the process: the squeezing, the tugging, the hula-esque gyration required to pop the waistband over the hips. I do this little dance almost every morning, and it always requires a bit of a silent pep talk, an internal bolstering: two legs enter, one woman leaves. I’ve learned to appreciate whatever is necessary to achieve the only trouser silhouette I’ve ever enjoyed, one that cradles and cuddles the body as if it is holding my organs in place."
- Rachel Syme, The New Yorker [READ THE ARTICLE]

High Waisted Judi Jeans

Everything I create is with intention. We never make more than a few pairs at a time so when they're gone, they're gone. Many women have told me they've bonded over Judi Jeans with friends and strangers alike. These are not the kind of clothes you can just pick up anywhere, my jeans are rare, and that is on purpose.

High Waist Judi Jeans in sun bleached cotton

@chloeemoon wears Judi Jeans in Super Sun Bleached 100% cotton


High waist Judi Jeans in 100% Cotton Natural White

@maddmeier and @ayymo wearing Judi Jeans in 100% Undyed Natural Cotton


High Waisted Judi Jean in 100% Cotton Natural Denim

@kilokews wears Judi Jeans in 100% Undyed Natural Cotton


100% Cotton High Waisted Judi Jeans

@caramariepiazza wears Judi Jeans in a sold-out wash. For anyone looking for a true blue, I really love our new non-stretch indigo.


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